Clubhouse is a flexible system of acoustic frames and panels that revolutionises how we work and collaborate in shared spaces.

Clubhouse’s clean and contemporary design effortlessly integrates into any setting, showcasing its versatility.

The chamfered frame, glass panels and crisp lines transforms the most traditional spaces into practical and productive environments, offering a glimpse into the future of the workplace.


Colonnades have been used in architecture throughout the world for millennia to define spaces and enhance functionality.

The idea of creating a forum or functional space within and adjacent to these structures is as old as civilization itself, creating markets, temples, civic structures and more.

Zones defining a space within which a particular activity occurs, yet remain permeable and accessible for ease of movement into and out of the space.

800 Series - Shelving

Reinvent and update existing storage, or use it to create beautiful new office layouts.

The system’s elegant aesthetic belies its unprecedented versatility, scalability and retrofitability.

Offering outstanding value, it can be freestanding, integrated with storage units, or mounted on a wall in a variety of dimensions, functions, and styles.

800 Series - Cupboards & Bookcases

From end-of-desk cabinets to full height coat cupboards, bookcases and large core storage, these units are versatile and essential components of any office environment.

Available with numerous finishes and enhancements, they seamlessly integrate with 800 Series shelving & KI workstations to create a tidy, harmonious workspace.

Work2.1 Sit-Stand Workstations

Sit-stand desks are a vital feature of truly agile workspaces, encouraging frequent movement throughout the day with intermittent periods of sitting and standing.

This has been shown to improve worker wellbeing and productivity, leading many organisations to redesign their workplace strategies.


Take5 Lounge Seating

Designed to help create a more domestic, welcoming workspace, it can be enhanced with highback wraps which can be upholstered in matching or contrasting fabrics.

Take5 has been designed to complement the EC4 collection of tables, workstations and storage enhancements.