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The challenge for Vision Interiors was to create a workspace for Ballymore Homes that would encourage teamwork while also providing privacy. The evolution of office design has been a focus for many businesses as traditional cubicle-style offices have been replaced by more open and collaborative spaces. However, these spaces often come with issues such as noise and lack of privacy. The workspace designed by Vision Interiors for Ballymore Homes offers a unique solution to these problems.

The Solution

The acoustic screen dividers give a sense of personal space while still allowing for open communication. The Nook provides a private space for focused work or virtual meetings.

The colour scheme and furniture choices contribute to a cohesive and modern look, creating an environment where productivity and comfort can coexist. This project highlights the importance of considering both functional and aesthetic elements in workspace design.

By balancing the need for privacy and collaboration, Vision Interiors has created a design for Ballymore Homes that promotes a more efficient and enjoyable work experience.

In one corner of the room, a black and white furnished Nook provides a private space for one-on-one conversations or virtual meetings. With lighting and charging plugs, this quiet spot is ideal for video calls, offering a break from the noise of the main workspace.

The Design

The workspace is laid out with black desks and matching chairs, which stand out against the lighter surroundings. The chairs, with mesh backs, combine comfort and style. Each desk has a grey acoustic screen divider topped with a clear plastic screen. This design provides some privacy without sacrificing the collaborative nature of the workspace.

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