Arran Square

Transforming Arran Square: Maximizing Space with Elegance



Arran Square, a modern company recognised for its innovative approach, was facing a unique challenge. They needed a redesign of their office space that maintained practicality while ensuring no additional space was used. The challenge didn’t end there – they also wanted a solution that promoted inclusion and transparency within the workplace, aligning with their company culture.


Our solution was a masterstroke of innovation and creativity – a glass wall approach. This tactful implementation not only conserved the existing space but also created an open, inclusive environment, perfectly embodying the essence of Arran Square.

Complementing this, we proposed a furniture makeover that seamlessly blended with the company’s brand aesthetics. Our choice comprised of modern, utilitarian pieces that personified Arran Square’s distinct identity.


Our transformation journey began with a comprehensive consultation with the Arran Square team, ensuring we fully grasped their brand aesthetics and specific needs. Armed with this insight, our designers began sketching a blueprint featuring the glass walls and revamped furniture.

Throughout the redesign, we maintained a close partnership with the Arran Square team. Every decision made and every step taken was a collective effort, ensuring the final design precisely reflected their vision.


The glass walls invited natural light to pour in, creating an environment that was both open and inclusive. The fresh furniture pieces, tailored to the company’s brand aesthetics, added a refined flair to the functional layout.

This visual overhaul had profound effects beyond aesthetics. The redesigned space fostered better communication, enhanced collaboration, and increased transparency, thus aligning flawlessly with Arran Square’s corporate ethos.



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